She devotes most of her time to community and arts oriented events, dreams too big for the city, and as a result enlightens and adds vibrancy to our lives. She’s just the best. So it’s good to have the best around, isn’t it?
— Chris Killingsworth, Volunteer for Edmonton on the Edge
The first thing that comes to mind is her commitment, through her volunteer work, to so many things that make this city better: NextGen, Make Something Edmonton, her support of local everything, her focus on building neighbourhoods and communities through the work she does within the Belgravia community. And she seems to balance and juggle it all so beautifully. I guess I’d put it this way - she is being the change she wishes to see in this city. Toscha Turner is someone who makes Edmonton just a little better today than it was yesterday, and will make it a little better tomorrow, than it is today.
— Mary Sturgeon, Former Project Manager of Mayor’s Task Force on Image and Reputation